Roger Birong, Jr. Sysadmin & DevOps Extraordinaire

Blog Updates

In search of some simplicity and ease of use, I’ve moved away from WordPress. WP does way more than I need it to do and I found it tedious to secure when using 3rd-party themes and plugins.

In its place is Jekyll hosted on GitHub. Jekyll converts plain text markup into gorgeous static HTML page. There’s no server-side scripting - it’s all done at build time. This provides me with peace of mind and the simplicity of the pages is superb.

As part of this migration, I’ve pruned some old, outdated posts. There’s not much left of the old, but there’s plenty of room for the new.

Expect some new content coming soon as myself & team are wrapping up some projects and jumping into new ones. We’re working hard challenging the status quo and doing things the way we feel like they should be done, rather than what’s inherited.

In case you’re not aware, I’m no longer focused on EUC/SBC, but rather running the infrastructure/DevOps team for a legal technology company.